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Updated: 6/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Where in the Shirley Temple am I... And what happen to you white girl ???
  • Huh just upset at my father always making promises he cant keep... I'm Jeannette by the way who are you?
  • Why you wanna get to know me... im not important and i'm ugly unlike you. I fight for what is wrong and survive through struggling moments for my freedom.
  • Oh i understand. Im pretty poor but i manage to survive also, through tough times.
  • Its like what did i do, for these people to be irate and full of self hatred. I try to be nice and stick to the people closest to me.
  • I mean i guess... See when i get a chance i'm leaving this place and never looking back, ima focus on me.
  • Claudia comes across Jeannette, who feels ravaged about something.
  • Lord have mercy! What do you know about being there for others? I'm there for others who cant be there for their selves because of where they come from.
  • I mean i know a little... After a while you will get tired of being there for others and would want to focus on yourself.
  • Claudia and Jeannette realize what they have in common: they both know how to handle things when things gets out of order.
  • I, could never. Maybe focusing on myself couldn't be bad but i must be there for the people i love. I must get back to pecola to see if she's situated.
  • Well i guess whatever makes you happy you gotta strive for it... Maybe i should stop listening to the promises my dad make.
  • Jeannette explains to Claudia that, instead of letting people bring her down just focus on things that make you happy.
  • Well bye,Jeannette... I hope Pecola is ok with her baby. I should get going but it was nice meeting you. We had our ups and down but overall your'e not a bad person.
  • Well have a good rest of your day i know i wont... Everyone should be treated the same, thats what my mom taught me too bad you gotta go!!!
  • Claudia prefers being there for others, over Jeannette who prefers satisfaction.
  • Claudia realizes being there for others is what makes her happy, so she must return to Pecola and her baby. While Jeannette focuses on other things.
  • As Claudia leaves, she hopes to tell Pecola about Jeannette who trys tell her how to live her life, while Jeannette stays upset at her father.
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