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Case Closed
Updated: 1/18/2020
Case Closed
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  • 2. We have probable cause, and now you're going to jail!
  • 1. Whats going on here!?
  • 1. We believe you've been buying illegal fish selling them to people and charging people to take foot baths with them
  • 3. We'll see about that. Were searching your house right now.
  • 6. No, they're here at the station
  • 2. I never bought any fish.
  • 5. And my family is still inside my house!
  • 4. Without a warrant.!
  • 1. Sir we didn't find any fish
  • 3. Yes sir
  • 4. Well tear apart the whole place if you have to! I need that evidence!
  • 5. The Judge sees him first thing in the morning and I need proof to go with the case!
  • 2. And you checked everywhere?
  • 4. My client's rights have been disregarded, because the chief didn't have a warrant and he has no evidence
  • 3. Actually your honor, the chief searched the Watson's house and didn't find anything to back up his case.
  • 2. I never had any fish ma'am
  • 1. So these fish just magically disappeared!?
  • 5. But there was probable cause. And I'd also like to call Ms. Morgan to the stand
  • 6. She is supposedly one of Mr. Watson's customers.
  • 2. And there are absolutely no fishes in your house?
  • 3. Mr. Rivas, the jury has already decided on a verdict so can we move this along.
  • 5. Congratulations
  • 4. We find the defendant not guilty.
  • 1. So Ms. Morgan you've never seen this man in your life?
  • 2. That is correct.
  • Grrr!!!
  • 1. So how did you get you get the fish to disappear so quickly?
  • 2. It was pretty easy actually. The cats were starving.
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