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Updated: 5/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • hey Mery, we have so many seeds to plant! Do you feel like doing it together?
  • mh Daddy , I can't. I have so much to study. I'm going to do it!
  • hooray! I'm really looking forward to doing it.
  • Mary, can you make orecchiette for lunch?!
  • Mom! I have no time. I really have a lot to do.
  • There is no need to even ask mom!
  • Thanks for letting me really understand what 'living' means..
  • It will seem ‘funny’ but, only now in quarantine, I find out what it means ‘to be happy’. Before it ‘I thought I was’ but, evidently, I was wrong. Unfortunately, I was taking for granted little but amazing things..
  • ..only now, I look forward to breathing the air outside the window, only now I consider the light breeze in my hair. Now I dive in poetry and dirty my fingerswith flour..
  • ..I’m wrapped in various emotions. It makes me happy to be sad and cry too because ‘I really feel alive’. It’s also a‘journey’ to research my different nuances, and make my imperfections the exception of a defect.