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Unknown Story
Updated: 5/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The narrator tells his story as a condemned man.He married young, and his wife made sure they had lots of animals ,including a cat named Pluto.The narrator was an alcoholic so he became very abusive.One day he came home and thought Pluto was avoiding him so he cuts one of his eyes off.
  • The narrator becomes so angry at Pluto's avoidance that out of cold blood he hangs him to a a tree in the garden.
  • That night, the narrator's house burns down.Only his wife ,a servant, and himself escaped the fire.When he goes to visit the ruins, he comes to find that only a wall with a image of a black cat with a rope around its neck was standing.
  • One day, the narrator goes in search of a cat to replace pluto .He comes across a black cat that looked just like Pluto who's eye was also cut off.The only difference was that the cat had white spots on its fur .The cat immediately got attached to him, so he brought the cat home.
  • The new cat soon started to remind the narrator of pluto and this drives him crazy.One day out of the radge of his drunkenness , when he couldn't take it no more he grabbed an ax to kill the cat .His wife tried to stop him by grabbing his hand but he turned around and drove the axe right between her brain.
  • To conceal her body he removes bricks from a proturios in the wall,places her body and the cats there,and prepares the hole.As the police are about to leave the premises for good,they hear a howl from behind the wall.They knock the wall down and they find the wife's body along with the second cat.
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