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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • today we have nina with us to talk about BPA.We are going to ask questions and she will answer
  • hi Nina im Mia.I have a question.How does BPA affect the body and what illnesses does it contribute to?
  • BPA affects the hormones in our bodies and it disrupts the endocrine system,and some illness are brain damage,early puberty,heart diseases,type 2 diabetes and impaired immune system.
  • hi im erik.I actually have two questions.Where are bpa toxins found?And is BPA a mutagen?
  • Thank you for the question erik.BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics.And we become exposed to them in sipping cups,baby bottles,food storage containers and more.We are also exposed if we touch thermal paper.
  • No BPA is actually a carcinogen which are chemicals some types of radiation and some viruses that can promote cancer.
  • Wow i didnt know how much we are exposed to BPA.
  • So is there anything we can do to avoid the exposure to BPA?
  • Yes there is some things we can do,for example:instead of using plastic cups use glass or ceramic mugs,buying powdered infant baby formula instead of liquid formula from metal cans and avoiding plastic containers.
  • If we take precautions we can prevent illnesses.
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