English Act 1 Scene 5 Story Board

English Act 1 Scene 5 Story Board

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Storyboard Text

  • Content: Rainy night while Mrs Macbeth is reading a memo sent from Macbeth "They met me on Inauguration Day" Technique: Establishing shot of The White House
  • Content: She continues reading Technique: Camera jump cuts to the Macbeth's room. She continues reading.
  • Content: Finishes reading the memo. Begins insulting Macbeth's manhood; "Is it too full o'th'milk of human hindness" Technique: Camera chages to a close up shot.
  • Content: She begins to pace around the room. When she says "Art not without ambition" lighting strikes outside, shine through the window with the subtle rumble of thunder. Technique: Tracking shot focused on her face as she moves around the room, diegetic sound of thunder
  • Content: Assistant enters to inform her that Macbeth will be returning soon from a meeting and that Duncan wants to have dinner with them tonight. Mrs Macbeth is shocked as she is not prepared;"would have been informed for preparation"
  • Content: Assistant leaves, Mrs Macbeth leans against the foot of her bed and begins to express her murderous and vicious thoughts; "That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan", and "Unsex me here ... Stop up th'access and passage to remorse." Technique: Mid-shot
  • Content: While she continues to express her awful thoughts, lighting continues to flash through the window, the sound of thunder intensifies. Technique: Camera zooms in on her eyes and mouth to an extreme close-up low shot, diegetic sound of thunder, tension building music, lighting changes to a red hue
  • Content: Jump cuts to when Macbeth has return and meets with his wife in a dinning room.
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth manipulates Macbeth, Mrs Macbeth maintains a smiling face, masking her intentions
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth continues to manipulates Macbeth; "Look like th'innocent flower, but be the serpent under't" and " Only look up clear; to alter the favour is to fear" Technique: Close-up shot of Mrs Macbeth's face
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth continues to manipulates Macbeth. Technique: Diegetic sound of thunder and lightning escalate as Duncan comes on stage.
  • Technique: Mid shot of Duncan as he enters the room
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth warmly greets Duncan, welcoming him in; "All our service, in every point twice done". Charaters stnad araprt from each other, on two sides of the room Technique: Wide-shot
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth takes Duncan out of the scene while continuing to engage in positive conversation. Macbeth begins a soliloquy Technique: Close-up shot
  • Content: Macbeth continues his soliloquy discussing what he would give if only the murder could be done without consequence and how he cannot escape justice; "We still have judgement here" Technique: As Macbeth gets confused and nervous about killing Duncan, slow diagetic sound of breathing comes apparnet.
  • Content: Recounts how Duncan trusts him for two reasons "I am his kinsman and his subject" which are both facades he has put up. Technique: The guilt in this section is accompanied by loud non-diegetic, tension building, music
  • Content: Mrs Macbeth returns and insults Macbeth's weakness, continuing her manipulation; "Will thou esteem'st the ornament of life, and live a coward" Technique: Breathing sound stops, slight presence of tension building music with the camera transitioning to a point of view shot from Macbeth looking up at Mrs Macbeth from a Low angle
  • Content: Macbeth continues with his constant doubt; "If we should fail?". Mrs Macbeth assures him that with courage he will not fail.
  • Content: They come to an agreement and list the details of how they will murder Duncan Technique: Diegetic sound of thunder and wind howling from the outside continues in conjunction with lighting shining of of Mrs Macbeth's face. Camera return to a point of view of Macbeth at a low angle towards Mrs Macbeth
  • Content: Macbeth returns to a confident authoritative male figure; "I am settled and bend up" Technique: Low angle shot of Macbeth
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