Getting the Girl
Updated: 1/2/2020
Getting the Girl

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  • What's the matter, son? I thought you'd like hanging out...
  • It's the girl I told you about, Mom. You remember, Abby?
  • Oh yes, I do, Were you able to tell her you like her?
  • I...I tried, but I got interrupted by Jared, the football captain. How cliche, huh? Let's go, please!
  • Matthew, do you think moping will help her know how you feel, or is trying again the better option? Try again!
  • ABBY
  • Mom's right. I'll talk with Abby tomorrow. Yeahhh..
  • Abbey, coming to my game after school?
  • Hey, Abby!
  • Hi Matthew!
  • Oh great! There's Romeo,AGAIN!
  • Want to go with me to the game tonight, Matty?
  • Sure, I'd like that , if Jared won't mind!
  • Hmm, maybe, guy!
  • Matthew, see you at the game.
  • I don't get it...why should my cousin mind if you're going with me?
  • Your cousin? Jared's your...never mind!
  • Crazy, jealous, me, almost blew it!
  • I really like you, Matthew...Abby!
  • Mom was right, after all. All I had to do was tell Abby!
  • My Girl!
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