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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Congress should adopt Christianity as its religion.
  • That's prohibited under the Establishment Clause! It clearly states that Congress cannot establish or condone the establishment of a centralized religion,
  • I guess it makes sense, it could definitely help avoid a theocracy.
  • Absolutely. And we are still free to exercise whatever religion we want!
  • Only in terms of an independent religion for government and state. Under the exercise clause, we, the citizens of the country, are free to build infrastructure and practice any religion that does not create or incite violence.
  • I thought Congress had to remain impartial though.
  • That's defamation, and it is illegal. You can't purposefully and falsely damage someone's reputation.
  • I'm going to write a press article that's untrue and will harm your name! Hahaha!
  • No you're not. Freedom of the press does not allow for defamation in any form, whether it be written- known as libel- or whether it be spoken- known as slander.
  • What about freedom of the press? I am free to publish anything I want!
  • Alright thanks!
  • Of course!