Unknown Story

Updated: 5/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • No camera movement.Extreme long shot.
  • Camera zooms out.Camera zooms out.Medium close up.
  • Pan to the right.Medium close up.
  • An empty street is being filmed.
  • No camera movement.Close up.
  • I am watching a news program on the TV that says out loud “Hahl Environmental Institute warns people globally to remain indoors due to Covid-19.”
  • Slowly zooming in.Medium shot.
  • I am typing Hahl Environmental Institute in on the computer then I turn and say “Something’s off.”
  • No camera movementLong Shot.
  • The paper will have Human-animal Hybridization Laboratorywritten on with Hahl Environmental Institute written next to it. There will be horror sound effects if I can get iMovie to put them in.
  • As I look out the window I say “There’s something out there.”
  • A family member walks out the front door and I yell “No,don’t go outside!” Horror sound effects will be playing while I yell this.