Siddhartha Gautama's Life
Updated: 1/6/2020
Siddhartha Gautama's Life
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  • .Siddhartha Gautama lived in modern Nepal between the year of 300 and 500 bc. Siddhartha was named after a buddha "The awakened one" or "enlightened one".
  • The life of Siddhartha Gautama
  • Siddhartha didn't go much beyond palace walls, so one time with his bodyguard to see all the sick people in the world. Siddhartha didn't know everything that he saw could happen to him.
  • Siddhartha got married at 16
  • Siddhartha wanted to end suffering, so he endured pain, went with out food and refused water. Siddhartha had relized though that he had been wrong and accepted it. He sat under a Bodhi tree, and when he was sitting under the tree he had to overcome Mara an evil demon.
  • Siddhartha lived until he was 80 years
  • Siddhartha taught the Dharma, he also wanted to lead others along the path of understanding and enlightenment. When Siddhartha died he told his followers that they should not believe in following any leader they should be there on the leader
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