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Updated: 5/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • people wanted to get away from the pollution and porverty and saw nz as a good place to start new lives
  • the pakeha views on the new Zealand land was a new start, a new opportunity and new work. that also wanted to make New Zealand apart of the British empire.
  • for the Maori they viewed new Zealand as their home they lived in tribes and had all the resources they wanted like birds, fish, land along with many other things
  • when the pakeha came to new zealand they didn't like their behaviour since there were no official laws in new Zealand at the time the pakeha did what ever they wanted to
  • then the treaty was made. it was designed to bring the two groups to be one and bring law to new zealand
  • treaty
  • but after the signing of the treaty signing, many of the promises made to the Maori were broken. for example, they were told they ha full authority over their land that was usually owned by the whole iwi but the crown would buy it for a low price and sell it for profit to the new arriving pakeha that ended in a lot of conflict and war
  • as punishment for rebelling against the crown, they took millions of hectares of land from some iwi. and it made it hard for some families to make money.
  • sold