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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Years before in England, when this group created his own congregation, they were persecuted. Forced to leave, they moved to Netherlands hoping for a better life... But life there was unbearable, people didn't find jobs and were afraid of the influence of the local culture on their children. They decided to came back to England but persecutions started again.They wanted to go to America.
  • In 1620, thirteen years after the first colony, Jamestown, a puritan group settled in America, to be free to worship their god far from the Church of England. They were called : Pilgrims.
  • Nobody accept us. We have been persecuted for too long... We need to move far away...
  • To live according to our believes !
  • Pilgrims set sail on September 6,1620, aboard the Mayflower after their other vessel, the Speedwell, was damaged.
  • We should write an agreement to define rules for our future settlement.
  • I am retching...
  • MayflowerCompact
  • .American coasts were glimpsed after 66 days of travel. People had suffered from illnesses, bad weather and few pilgrims died.This group started his new life after everybody had signed the Mayflower compact. Pilgrims founded Plymouth colony.
  • The first winter was hard because Pilgrims were not prepared. Half of the people died...Native Americans decided to help them with their knowledge.
  • Together, they forged a strong friendship based on cultural respect. One day, Pilgrims invited some Native Americans to share a huge dinner and to feast.
  • Years after years, the community of settlers grew and was part of the thirteen colonies of America, then, United states of America.
  • It is the first Thanksgiving !
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