Journey on the Rock Cycle
Updated: 2/14/2020
Journey on the Rock Cycle
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  • Hi, my name is Joe. I am an igneous rock (1). I begin my journey in the river. After going through erosion (2) in the river, I was broken into small particles and deposited on the bottom of the river and became a sediment (3).
  • Over millions of years, I went through deposition (4) and got deeply buried under the ground and got exposed to pressure and temperature turning me into a rock. Collision of tectonic plates brought me back to the surface and I became a sedimentry rock (5). There I was able to preserve the fossil (9) of a dinosaur.
  • I was a sedimentary rock up in the mountains where weathering (6) crumbled me into small pieces. It was very cold here.
  • It was very cold here. A big glacier then carried me into the ocean.
  • I sank into the bottom of the ocean and went through compaction and cementation (7) forming into a solid, sedimentary rock. Where two continents collided, I then got subducted deep into the Earth's interior.
  • Under a lot of pressure from the ocean above and heat (11) from the magma below, as a sedimentary rock I was metamorphosed into a metamorphic rock (14).
  • I then melted (13) into magna, but later cooled down under the surface of the Earth, went through crystalization (16) and turned into intrusive igneous rock (10)
  • Later, I melted into hot magma again and I errupted inside a volcano (15) and erruptly came to the surface. I poured outside the surface as a hot lava (15) but then went through the cooling process (8) and crystalization (16) again and turned into an extrusive igneous rock (12).
  • I am an igneous rock up in the mountain. After the mountain cooled down, it became very cold and a lot of snow fell on me and became ice. Once the ice melted, it erroded (2) and carried me down the mountain into a river.
  • In the river, I went through errosion and broke up into sediments and later became soil.
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