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Science Homework
Updated: 9/17/2018
Science Homework
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  • Good day. I am Zacharias Janssen and I am the Father of Microscopy. I invented the first microscope, and unknowingly started the cell theory.
  • I am Robert Hooke, and I discovered the first cells. They may have been dead ones found on a cork, but I still invented the term cell, which is still being used today.
  • I am Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, and I saw the first living cells. Although I called them "animalcules", I still made a big impact on the cell theory.
  • I am Matthias Schleiden. I said that all plant tissues are created of living cells. I am oneof the pioneers of the cell theory.
  • I am Theodor Schwann, and I said that all animal tissues are made up of living cells. I also pioneered the modern-day cell theory.
  • I am Rudolf Virchow, and I say that all cells are made of pre-existing cells. I am the third and final pioneer of the cell theory. 
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