Unknown Story

Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • frame 1
  • the manager has just told me to go home, because I’m 3 hours late and he did not even allow me to explain
  • How come, it was not your fault though cause the was a taxi strike in your area
  • frame 2
  • It is fine I will just go home like he says probably even tomorrow I won’t be here
  • No wait before you go, lets meet with our trade union as they might be able to help you with this situation
  • frame 3
  • workers are sometimes are mistreated at times in their work place by their employers. The can be an extreme level of unequal treatment in the work place
  • frame 4
  • Good morning Lerato I am one of your members in the trade union
  • trade unions are a group of people part of an organisation advocating for fairness and equality in the work place.
  • frame 5
  • I have been unfairly dismissed today without any explanationfrom my side.
  • they make their way to see Lerato their shop steward and address the matter at hand.
  • frame 6
  • A shop steward is a person who has been elected by other union members to represent them in the work place
  • Morning, Lutho what can I help you with today?
  • as a shop steward you have a responsibility to give advice to the employees and also make sure that its being done right on their side
  • That’s very bad and we need to sort it out very fast.
  • Okay thank you Lutho you can go home now I will fix it and get back to you