Torty, the Lcky Tortoise

Updated: 5/4/2020
Torty, the Lcky Tortoise

Storyboard Description

steward and torty

Storyboard Text

  • There are many wild tortoises in Salonika. One day Steward saw a tortoise crossing the track.
  • As he watched, he was terrified to see the tortoise run over by a gun carriage.
  • Steward thought the tortoise would be crushed flat, but amazingly, it wasn't!
  • Luckily the ground was soft.
  • The tortoise had two deep grooves in it's shell and had lost some toes and a small piece of it's shell, but it was still alive
  • Steward decided to look after the tortoise, he named it Torty.
  • Steward put Torty in his army bag. When Torty woke up five months later , they were in New Zealand!