Unknown Story
Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Alexander decides to attack the Persian empire
  • We will destroy their army but, we will leave the cities in the good condition
  • My people. It's time to conquer Persians!
  • The Persian ambasador comes to Alexander the Great to say the contract
  • Okay, I agree, but if you lie to me I will destroy all your army!
  • Please don't conquer us! We will always be your servants
  • Oh, Alexander. My king Darius offers you lands and lakes for the freedom.
  • After Alexander heard about the rebels in the Persian Kingdom he got mad
  • My king! We heard about the rebels in the Persian kingdom and that they want to attack us!!!
  • They told us that they won't even try to do anything bad to us! Ready up the army! we will destroy them
  • The Darius III gets the news that Alexander will destroy them. So he decides to run
  • We have to run fast if Alexander the Great finds us, we will die.
  • Alexandr the great gets ready to destroy persians
  • My people! The Persian king scammed us. He created rebels that will try to attack our great empire
  • We will have to go and kill all the rebels and himself!!!
  • Alexandr the great's army destoy's Darius lll empire and coquer Persia
  • My empire! Do you see what happens If you lie to Me! WE will conquer the whole world soon and if this situation happens again we will do the same thing