Chapter Summary
Updated: 3/4/2019
Chapter Summary
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Graphic Organizers

Scaffolding for an Essay

By Meghan Kyne

Imagine a teacher, Mr. X, decides that by the end of the semester, his class will read Lord of the Flies and write a five-paragraph essay that discusses the significance of three symbols and how they change over the course of the novel. That is a daunting task, so Mr. X plans to scaffold the assignment for his students.

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Storyboard Description

Chapter Summary template - scaffold reading assignments for students!

Storyboard Text

  • Main Idea
  • Supporting Details
  • What is the purpose of this chapter?
  • Transitions
  • Chapter Summary
  • - What is the setting of this chapter? - What character or characters does the chapter focus on? - Is there a conflict? Is it resolved? How?
  • Image
  • - How does this chapter connect to the preceding chapter? - How does it connect to the following chapter?
  • Create an image that illustrates the main idea of the chapter.