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Chapter 3
Updated: 11/7/2020
Chapter 3
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  • Miguel Olavarria- The Boy of the Painted Cave.
  • Tao sees the angry eagle owl.
  • Tao and the wolf dog chased and killed rabbits and lemmings.
  • First Tao is walking through the marshland. He hears loud screeching sounds. "It was a strange, violent sound, one that he had never heard before." thought Tao. Tao was scared because he thought it was demons and evil things making the noises. Tao struggled to walk in the thick ferns and brier to get to the other side.
  • Tao told the wolf dog to stay in the slough.
  • As he stepped out into the open Tao could not believe what he saw in front of him. "Instead he saw a demon with wings, an angry eagle-owl sitting on the forest floor, protecting her nest from the little wolf dog." The wolf dog was fighting with the eagle owl. She was protecting her nest that held her eggs. Tao was able to grab 2 eggs from the nest for them to eat.
  • Tao gives Kala the rabbits to cook.
  • After eating the eggs they starting to walk through the bushes. "He walked slowly from bush to bush, working his way up one side of the long glade and down the other." Wolf dog would chase the rabbits out to the open. Quickly Tao would throw his spear to stab the rabbits. Several hours later they had a full pouch of lemmings and enough rabbits to take back to their village.
  • Volt yelled at Tao to go away
  • Tao named the wolf dog Ram. They were best friends. Tao said, "You cannot come with me." Tao was afraid that if Ram went back to camp with him the people would kill him. Tao promised Ram that he would come again to hunt together.Tao rushed back to the camp with the rabbits and lemmings. 
  • When he reached the camp we was very happy to see Kala . "They smiled when they saw the rabbits and lemming hanging from his belt." He was proud of himself. He proved that he could be a good hunter. Volt has said he was worthless to the camp. 
  • Volt wanted to send someone to hunt with Tao. Tao refused. He wanted to hunt alone with Ram. Volt said,"We will have no evil wolf dogs at this camp." Volt thought they were cursed by demons. When Tao yelled back, Volt told him to leave the camp. Volt told him he would only eat the food he hunted from now on.
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