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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha was a royal prince, who was trapped within the palace walls. It was told in many different reasons of why he was trapped, but I believe that he was to become an emperor or a warrior and he was not allowed to chose. One day he explored out side the place, and on his journey he saw on old man, a sick man, and a dead man. He travels to find the meaning of life.
  • Siddhartha becomes a monk to try and find the meaning of life and happiness, he would eat and drink little. He was been very hungry, but he stuck with it. A girl came to him to bring him a bowl of rice, Siddhartha was very happy, and he realized that just because of this small kind act from this girl he became happy. He left the monks to see if he can figure out more.
  • Siddhartha walks out of the cave and decided to meditate under a tree. How long? Some stories say for a day, some for a week, and some for a year. As he meditates he had to overcome Mara, a demon. After that he found enlightenment and the true meaning of life. He meats Brahman, and was told to teach the people. He decided not to. So Brahman had to persuade him, and hopefully it worked. 
  • Brahman persuaded Siddhartha to become Brahma. And was told to teach buddhism to the world.
  • Brahma shares his wisdom to all who will listen. The monks, the villagers, and kids come to hear from Brahma.
  • Buddhism started to spread in all directions. We believe that this happened because of over population,so they had to move and spread. After they spread they had children, and their children had children. Until buddhism went to other countries iin the continent.
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