Unknown Story
Updated: 1/6/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Description

storyboard pt2

Storyboard Text

  • SHOT 2E
  • SHOT 2F
  • SHOT 3A
  • shot type; Mid shotshot length; 4 secondsSound; DialogueTransition; Cut
  • SHOT 3B
  • Shot type; High angle shot length; 5 secondssound; Music begins to fade Transition; Cut
  • SHOT 3C
  • Shot type;Long shot/ tracking shotshot length; 7 secondsSound; Wind, footsteps, Owl, leaves crunching, DialogueTransition;cutPan down to reveal boys walking along path. Low key light
  • SHOT 4
  • Shot type; Extreme long shot Shot length; 5 secondsSound; Footsteps, windTransition; CutDolly in towards boys as they walk into shot
  • Shot type; Mid shot/ Two shotShot length; 8 secondsSound; DialogueTransition;Cut
  • Shot type; Reverse Dolly / Jib (aerial) shotShot length; 6 secondsSound; Background music beginTransition; Fade to blackReverse dolly as boys walk down other path
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