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The Development of Feudalism
Updated: 3/1/2019
The Development of Feudalism
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  • Setting of Medieval Europe
  • What changes occurred in Europe after the fall of Rome?
  • After the fall of Rome, there was a 1,000 year period known as the Middle Ages. Numerous Germanic tribes ruled small parts of the land. There was little learning and many cities dissapeared.
  • Christianity Grows and Spreads
  • What factors helped Christianity to grow and spread?
  • Well, many of the Germanic rulers help spread Christianity by converting themselves and their subjects. The leader of the Franks at the time, known as Clovis, converted himself and his subjects, spreading it to the north and west. A later leader, Charlemagne, spread Christianity through his conquests, and sometimes forced his subjects to become Christians.
  • Feudalism: A New Social Order
  • What was Feudalism and how did it work?
  • An unstable period led to the creation of Feudalism. Lords gave their vassals, like knights, pieces of land called fiefs. In return, the vassal owed the lord military service. The vassals also pay a tax in return for the land.
  • The collapse of Rome caused a rough period called the Middle Ages. Europe borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The land was very diverse, from huge mountain ranges to winding rivers. The climate is also very diverse, from freezing winters to blazing summers. In some areas, it was hard to grow crops, while in others, crops flourished.
  • One thing that survived the fall of Rome was Christianity. Many Germanic leaders and their subjects converted to Christianity, like Clovis, one of the leaders of the Franks. A few generations later, a new ruler, named Charles, or Charlemagne, took over. He built a huge empire, and spread Christianity through his conquests. He sometimes forced his subjects into converting to Christianity.
  • A while after Charlemagne's death, Europe became a place of constant conflict. This period led to the development of Feudalism. This was based on an agreement between a lord and a vassal. The lord gave the vassal land, and in return, the vassal gave him military service and protection. Serfs worked for the lords or vassals, and in return, they were granted protection in times of danger.
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