COVID 19: NOW AND THEN Author: Muslimah O. Barua and Charizze D. Balboa

COVID 19: NOW AND THEN  Author: Muslimah O. Barua and Charizze D. Balboa

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Prof: Jonathan Capa

Storyboard Text

  • Onde day during the online class, prof. Anna assigned a task to Hanz. The was to report a brief summary of Covid-19, from how it started up to the present.
  • Good day everyone for today. I was assigned to summarize what happenned to our country durinng this pandemic.
  • I will be assigning Hanz to report the start up to the current situation of Covid-19, for our lesson tomorrow.
  • On March 12, 2020 our Pres. already announced a lockdown and suspension of all travel by land, sea and air to metro Manila. This is where it all started, people started to panic buying their supplies, food, and medicine, we are also obliged to wear facemask to limit the spread of way of transmission is through droplets so the gov. mandated us to (social distancing + wearing of facemask) - social gathering+ everyone's safety.
  • Hanz: u know what Imah! u think this pandemic.
  • Imah: I don't know either, because there's a lot of cases this past few months.
  • Zoe : You're right! there are lots of patients to handle everyday.
  • but the expected one week of lock down was doubled (exponent) until it reached a year.
  • Imah: Yeah! because base on what i watch on TV the number of death are also increasing eveyday.
  • Lara: U mean a lot of Case?why?
  • Hanz: There have been 2.32 million death world wide from Covid.
  • currently, the number of positive patient that was supposed to go down multiplied (x) until it reaches over a million.
  • Lara: Excatly you're right. then also we need to take a vaccine also to avoid covid.
  • Different organization and charity lend their hands to help those wh are in need and they divided their donation to help a lot of families because a lot of people are suffrering from grief, lost of job and loved
  • Lara: Imah, put your mask back on!
  • Imah: So? what's the difference? A vaccine is a vaccine
  • Today, the goal of the Gov. is to give everyone a free vaccine to add (+) antibodies to lessen (-) the number of daths due to covid.
  • Hanz: Thats because even though vaccine have been approved.
  • Imah: I see. Guess I'll have to rethink this whole vaccination and mask, business afte all
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