The good Samaritan

Updated: 5/7/2020
The good Samaritan

Storyboard Text

  • This man looks almost dead and I am already late
  • A man/jew was walking. Two robbers came running towards him.
  • I can't make out if this man is dead or alive even if he is alive he won't be for long
  • The robbers took his clothes money andbeaten him up and run away.
  • A priest walked by and looked at the man and didn't stop to help and kept walking.
  • I have payed for you to stay here. Stay here until you are well enough
  • A Levi happened to walk past and stoppedand looked at the man and then he kept walking.
  • A Samaritan and his donkey walked by and stoped to help, he healed his cuts using wines and oils and bandages.
  • He took the man to an inn so he could rest andrecover. He payed for the man to stay there and left him to recover.