Social Stories - Bowl of Cereal

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Social Stories - Bowl of Cereal
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ALDS Lesson Plans

ADLS Social Stories

by Natasha Lupiani

Creating a storyboard provides a helpful visual for life skills, especially for individuals with ASD. Social storyboards can act as the step-by-step instruction guide for educators to incorporate in their lessons or daily. Use our free social stories or create your own custom story!

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Storyboard Description

ADLs/Activities of Daily Living - Social Stories - How to Prepare Cereal

Storyboard Text

  • Jason wants cereal for breakfast. He gets a bowl, spoon, and cereal from the cabinets.
  • Then Jason needs to get the milk from the refrigerator.
  • First Jason pours his cereal in the bowl, then his milk in the bowl.
  • Jason sits at the table and eats his cereal.
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