BATNA Contrast

BATNA Contrast
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BATNA Analysis

How to Negotiate Your Salary

by Nathanael Okhuysen

If you want to sell a couch, negotiate salary, or be ready for an global merger, a BATNA is a must. BATNA stands for best alternative to negotiated agreement. Visually display your negotiation strategy to share with your colleagues or partners with the help of the article, Negotiation with BATNA.

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Storyboard Description

Negotiation Skills with and without BATNA

Storyboard Text

  • Without a BATNA
  • Well, alright, I guess. You can pick it up this weekend.
  • I really was hoping to get more, but this is the only serious offer.
  • With a BATNA
  • I can always sell it to my friends if this guy doesn't agree.
  • Well, I really couldn't go below $100. And you'd need you to pick it up next week.
  • The negotiator is at the mercy of the best offer she recieves.
  • The negotiator knows she can push for more because she is not dependent on the negotiation being successful.
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