Johari Template

Johari Template
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Visual Vocabulary Storyboard Example

Storyboard Templates

By Anna Warfield

Templates originate from builders and other craftsman who made forms and molds to serve as guides for shaping materials. Templates have since expanded to include document formatting, along with many other uses like printing and sewing. A template is a pre-formatted guide that can be used again and again. Blank templates for graphic organizers are especially useful because you do not need to recreate the same thing over and over, and they can be used for many purposes.


How to Prepare for a Negotiation

by Nathanael Okhuysen

This is our go-to negotiation guide with storyboards. Plan out your next negotiation with business tools like SWOT, Johari Window, BATNA, and more. Using storyboards in your preparation is useful to share your ideas with colleagues and fellow negotiators.

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Storyboard Description

Johari Windowexample, exercise, and worksheet

Storyboard Text

  • Johari Window
  • Known by Group
  • Open Quadrant
  • Known by Individual
  • Blind Quadrant
  • Unknown by Individual
  • Unknown by Group
  • Hidden Quadrant
  • Unknown Quadrant
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