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The Vampire (Pt. 1)
Updated: 4/28/2020
The Vampire (Pt. 1)
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  • Aw, poor princess. All alone and without your magical crown.
  • You-you'll never get away with this!
  • (1) What are you doing?
  • (3) Yeah, AND took a innocent hostage! You told me you'd change!
  • (5) Well maybe you shouldn't have took the crown to begin with
  • (4) She knows too much! We will have no chance of surviving!
  • (2) Taking the magical crown, of course.
  • (6) You know that I took it to revive your mother! You're grounded!
  • Maria....I use this crown to bring you back to life....
  • (2) No. I am Dracula's daughter. I'm here to rescue you.
  • (4) This cloak is magical. It protects me from the sun's rays.
  • Dracula was the king of the vampires. He was also very evil. He was evil since he was born. Recently, his wife, Maria died. This made Dracula's heart broken and filled with rage. He kidnapped the princess of love, Angela. She has a magical crown that can protect and heal anyone.
  • (6) I don't like what my dad's doing. I want him to stop
  • (1) Ahh! The grim reaper!
  • His daughter, Luna, disagrees with him. She believes that being evil was wrong. She especially didn't like it when her father took hostages. Sometimes, their disagreements get Luna into trouble.
  • *whispering* Hurry if you want to live!!
  • (1) Yes! We're out and safe!
  • Later that night, Dracula went to the room where Maria laid dead. He took out the magical crown. To use the crown, you have to say "(Person's name), I use this crown to heal you/protect you/bring you back to life." It will take 24 hours for the magic to work.
  • (3) Go home and tell your parents what happened. I'll get your crown back
  • (2) Yeah, but what about my crown? My mother gave it to me! It's supposed to keep me safe!
  • (4) Okay. Thank you.
  • That day, Luna was furious. She hated what her father was doing. She knew that she had only one thing left to do. She went to the basement where the dungeons were. There, she found Angela's cell. She took some keys and went inside.
  • (5) Wait.....why would you want to help me?
  • (3) Wouldn't you burn in the sun?
  • Luna led Angela out the door of the cell. Then, she guided her to the entrance. She knew that they needed to be quiet and quick to make it.
  • They finally got out of the door. While Luna was relieved, Angela was worried. She was outside while the crown was in!
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