Brianna Norton 5

Updated: 9/24/2020
Brianna Norton 5

Storyboard Text

  • Even though Madam Loisel has plenty of money and a maid, she is upset because she isn't as rich as her friends. She asked her husband for money to buy a dress for the party
  • Madam Loisel asked Madam Forestier to borrow some jewelry for the party. she ended up finding a gorgeous diamond necklace that she loved. Madam Forestier said she could wear it as long as she returned it.
  • Madam Loisel had a wonderful time at the party while her husband sat and waited to go home.
  • Madam Loisel realized that she had lost the necklace on her way home! Her husband went out all night searching for it and didn't find it. They had decided to just pay for a brand new necklace without telling Madam Forestier.
  • The necklace cost so much money that madam Loisel and her husband were in debt for 10 years trying to pay it off. Madam Loisel got a job and they moved into an attic to be able to afford the necklace
  • One day after they finally paid off the necklace, mad Madam Loisel was walking to the grocery store when she saw madam Forestier on the street. Madam Foresteir asked many questions about why she looked so poor. Madam Loisel told her the truth about the necklace when Madam Forestier told her that the necklace was fake and cost a fraction of what she worked 10 years to pay off.