Updated: 3/18/2020

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  • i don't think i wanna go to work today but still....em
  • Every morning khairul prepare himself to go to work but somehow he felt unhappy.
  • Meanwhile...he felt so bummed because he kept thinking about his workplace. Everyday he always been so intense finishing his task and other inquiry. Besides that, he also feel worried due to his personal issue and this automatically double up the tension he facing everyday.
  • Along with that, Khai always drove to work in the same time he kept thinking what's going to happened today. At this situation his mind playing with tons of problem and things that need to settle up.
  • The task in his table was so humongous. Everyday he'sstruggle to finish it on time. The boss in his workplace can't cooperate with him instead she kept pushing and rush things up.
  • After seeing the task in his table, he felt so stressful and kneeling because from that he knows its going to be hectic day. The stress level somehow become enxiety and depressed, this situation somehow been seen by his college and they want to help him heal.
  • In the meantime, khairul boss come to his table and shouting to get the task finish right away. She kept ordering him to do it fast but the fact is, its impossible to settle down all of this on the same day and on the time she had been given.