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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • In the sky world there lived a man and his pregnant wife.The women craved many foods and one day she wanted something from the sacred tree, but her husband was reluctant.The husband finally gave in and tried to get roots for his wife,but he broke a hole revealing the world below the sky so he gave up.
  • The wife got mad and went to try to get the roots herself but she fell through the hole tearing part of the tree root with her. The birds of the sky saw her falling and safely carried her onto the back of a turtle. With no way to get back to her home she wanted to start a new world for her to live on.
  • She had the animals help her get dirt from the bottom of the sea to plant the roots. She got the dirt, planted the seed, and walked around the turtles back to help the world grow. Overtime the world grew and the women gave birth to a daughter. they continued to walk across the earth to continue the growth of the plants.
  • Her daughter grew up and had kids of her own which ended up killing her. They were called The right and left handed twins. They were known opposites of each other and didn't get along the left one was devious and the right one was the right minded one. the twins were born with powers that they used greatly.
  • The mother's dead body was buried to created many things. her head grew vegetables and her heart grew tabacco. The sons used their powers to create many animals and plants along with the man. After creating all of the animals they sons had a fight to the death where the right twin won. casting the left twin off the edge of the earth.
  • The left twin became the watcher of the night realm and the right became the watcher of the day time. Each day and night they are worshiped by the tribe people with ceremonies and rituals. They all made the world with perfect balance and will be forever praised for their creations
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