Updated: 1/27/2021

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  • yea, *pushes her to the wall* DO NOT tell the teacher.
  • eww she's chinese
  • eww she's chinese
  • nooooo please don't hurt me! I will not tell the teacher, I promise! *winks*
  • I want to get better in basketball!
  • i want to get better in basketball!
  • i'm just trying to get better in basketball and I never created the coronavirus!
  • i think my classmate is being bullied because she is chinese, i gotta help her!
  • hey dog eater, your such a loser, you can't even shoot a layup!
  • you created the china virus! i hate you for that!
  • we better go tell the teacher, this is not good..
  • hey.. i saw you getting bullied by those morons, are you okay?
  • okay, sure... i don't want them to beat me tho
  • i'm fine. they called me china virus though :(
  • BAHAHA!!! if you snitch on us that we bully you, we will crush you *knuckles crack*
  • alright, thanks for telling me. i'll see what i can do.
  • they just bullied me again before i came here!
  • say what you need to say boys.
  • we are sorry for treating you like that.