Electrical Circuits Science Vocabulary

Updated: 2/2/2021
Electrical Circuits Science Vocabulary
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Electrical energy is a major part of modern day life, but is so often misunderstood. We’ve all sat during a thunderstorm and wondered at the deadly power of lightning. We all know not to touch sockets with wet hands, but do we understand why our hands should be dry? Electricity controls many major functions of our bodies, especially in the brain and nervous system, and is also an extremely versatile resource used in homes and businesses all over the world. The following activities will help students understand the foundation of electrical circuits and how electricity affects our lives every day.

Electrical Circuits

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  • The difference in electrical energy between two points in a circuit measured in Volts. It is also known as potential difference.
  • A measure of how difficult it is for current to flow in a circuit measured in Ohms.
  • A material that lets electricity pass through it easily like a metal.
  • A measure of how much charge is flowing in the circuit measured in Amps.
  • A material that doesn't let electricity pass through it easily like wood.
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