Food Chain Graphic Organizer and Examples

Food Chain Graphic Organizer and Examples
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Food Chain Lesson Plans

Food Chains and Webs

By Oliver Smith

Every living thing needs nutrition. Some organisms, like plants, create their own through photosynthesis; others get nutrition by consuming other living things. This nutrition provides living things with the energy they need to carry out their life processes. Every living thing is part of a food chain. Fortunately for humans, we are at the top of most food chains, but even we still have predators. These activities will help students create food chains and understand how they are different than food webs.

Food Chains

Storyboard Description

Food Chain & Food Web Examples, Definition & Activities

Storyboard Text

  • Producer
  • Primary Consumer
  • Secondary Consumer
  • Tertiary Consumer
  • The Sun
  • Grass - Plant
  • Caterpillar - Herbivore
  • Sparrow - Carnivore
  • Hawk - Carnivore
  • The Sun
  • Oak Tree - Plant
  • Squirrel - Herbivore
  • Fox - Carnivore
  • The Sun
  • Grass - Plant
  • Cow - Herbivore
  • Human - Omnivore
  • The Sun
  • Red Oat Grass - Plant
  • Termites - Herbivores
  • Mongoose - Carnivore
  • Caracal - Carnivore

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