Higher Experimental Design Sheet - Printer Friendly

Higher Experimental Design Sheet - Printer Friendly
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Experiments Lesson Plans

Teach Students the Design of Experiments

By Oliver Smith

Teaching experimental design and letting students develop their own questions and hypotheses takes time. These materials have been created to scaffold and structure the process to allow teachers to focus on improving the key ideas in experimental design.

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Storyboard Description

Advanced Experimental Design Sheet - Printer Friendly | Science Lab Worksheets

Storyboard Text

  • How can these risks be managed?
  • Explanation of Hypothesis
  • What is your range? How many times will you repeat the test?
  • Independent Variable
  • Question - What do you want to find out?
  • Risk Assessment
  • Dependent Variable
  • How will you measure your dependent variable?
  • Diagram
  • Prediction
  • Hypothesis
  • Controlled Variables
  • How will you keep them constant?
  • Materials - What do you need to complete the experiment? Why?
  • Plan - How are you going to carry out your experiment safely?
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