Identifying Variables

Identifying Variables
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Experiments Lesson Plans

Teach Students the Design of Experiments

By Oliver Smith

Teaching experimental design and letting students develop their own questions and hypotheses takes time. These materials have been created to scaffold and structure the process to allow teachers to focus on improving the key ideas in experimental design. Allowing students to ask their own questions, write their own hypotheses, and plan and carry out their own investigations is a valuable experience for them. This will lead to students having more ownership of their work.

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Storyboard Description

Identify Variables - Examples of control, independent and dependent variables and how they might affect your experiment

Storyboard Text

  • Batteries Affect on Brightness
  • Experiment
  • Independent Variables
  • Dependent Variables
  • Controlled Variables
  • How does the number of batteries affect brightness?
  • Number of batteries
  • Brightness of the bulb
  • Thickness of wires, size of batteries, type of light bulbs, temperature of the wires
  • Light's Affect on Plant Growth
  • How does the amount of light affect plant growth?
  • Amount of light
  • Amount the plant grows
  • Type of plant, amount of water given to the plant, size of the plant, temperature of the room
  • Age Affect on Jigsaw Puzzle
  • How does the age of a student affect the time it takes to complete a jigsaw puzzle?
  • Age of students
  • Time it takes the student to complete the puzzle
  • Difficulty of the puzzle, number of pieces

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