Island Energy Resources Storyboard

Island Energy Resources Storyboard
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Renewable Energy & Energy Resources

By Oliver Smith

The majority of the world’s electrical energy comes from nonrenewable sources. Although burning fossil fuels is a cheap and reliable source of generating an electric current, the carbon dioxide it produces is having a negative effect on the environment. Our reserves of fossil fuels are running low as they are being used a much faster rate than they are being created. Using alternative energy resources will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Renewable Energy

Storyboard Description

Island Energy Resources - Biomass Power, Wind Turbines wind energy, Hydroelectric Power, Geothermal Power, Wave Power Generator

Storyboard Text

  • Biomass Power Station This needs biofuel, which could be provided from the forest. Placing the power station close to the forest will reduce transport costs.
  • Wind Turbines These would work well in a valley where the mountains channel the wind.
  • Energy Resources Island
  • Hydroelectric Power Station This would work well near the lake high up the the mountains because the water there has a lot of gravitational potential energy.
  • Geothermal Power Station It is best to put in the hot springs area as there is volcanic activity there.
  • Wave Power Generator Placed in a location that gets lots of big, strong waves. It would be best in an unsheltered part of the ocean. It still needs to be close to the shore to reduce transmission costs.
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