Moldy Bread

Moldy Bread
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Experiments Lesson Plans

Teach Students the Design of Experiments

By Oliver Smith

Teaching experimental design and letting students develop their own questions and hypotheses takes time. These materials have been created to scaffold and structure the process to allow teachers to focus on improving the key ideas in experimental design. Allowing students to ask their own questions, write their own hypotheses, and plan and carry out their own investigations is a valuable experience for them. This will lead to students having more ownership of their work.

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Storyboard Description

Experimental Design - planning an experiment

Storyboard Text

  • Question - What do you want to find out?
  • Hypothesis
  • If the temperature is lower, then the mold grows more slowly.
  • How does temperature affect the growth of mold on bread?
  • Prediction
  • Less mold will grow on a piece of bread that is left in the fridge compared with a piece of bread that is left near a radiator.
  • ?
  • What are you going to change?
  • The temperature the bread is kept at. I am going to put one piece of bread in the refrigerator and one on a radiator.
  • What are you going to measure?
  • The amount of mold on the bread
  • What are you going to keep the same?
  • I am going to keep the type of bread the same for the experiment. I am going to leave the bread in the places for the same amount of time. I am going to put both pieces of bread in the dark.
  • Materials - What equipment do you need?
  • x 2
  • x 2
  • Method - How are you going to carry out the experiment? Step by step.
  • 1. Put each piece of bread inside a plastic bag. 2. Zip up the bags. 3. Label each bag with a marker. 4. Put one bag in the refrigerator. 5. Put one bag in a warm place in the dark. Near a radiator for example. 6. Check on the bags every day and draw pictures of what you see. 7. Do not open the bags and put them in the trash after one week. 8. Compare the results from the two bread slices.

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