Motion Vocabulary

Updated: 1/26/2018
Motion Vocabulary
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Motion and Kinematics

By Oliver Smith

Motion has been studied by scientists for millennia. Using visual aids to introduce these concepts makes it easier for students to gain a solid understanding and foundation in kinematics that can help them in a range of other activities and industries!


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Kinematics - Motion Vocabulary

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  • She ran 100 meters in 25 seconds.
  • So my average speed is 4 m/s!
  • STOP
  • Acceleration is a measure of the rate of change of speed, measured in m/s2.
  • Average speed is calculated by dividing the total distance by the time taken to travel that distance.
  • If an object is stationary, it is still and not moving.
  • Gradient
  • Motion Vocabulary
  • The slope of a line on a graph. If the gradient is high then the line is steep
  • Terminal velocity is the maximum velocity reached by a falling object. This happens when an object’s weight is equal, but opposite, to the drag force.