Bringing Up Kari-Sadashiv Kaul
Updated: 5/25/2020
Bringing Up Kari-Sadashiv Kaul

Storyboard Description

Comic Strip - Sadashiv kaul

Storyboard Text

  • KARI, the elephant, was five months old when he was given to me to take care of. I was nine years old and I could reach his back if I stood on tiptoe.
  • Everyday I used to take him to the river in the morning for his bath. He would lie down on the sand bank while I rubbed him with the clean sand of the river for an hour.
  • I went into the forest to get some luscious twigs for his dinner. One has to have a very sharp hatchet to cut down these twigs; it takes half an hour to sharpen the hatchet because if a twig is mutilated an elephant will not touch it.It was not an easy job to get twigs and saplings for Kari.
  • I was gathering some, sticks one spring day in March,when I suddenly heard Kari calling to me in the distance.As he was still very young, the call was more like that of a baby than an elephant. I thought somebody was hurting him.
  • I came down from my tree and ran very fast to the edge of the forest where I had left him, but he was not there.I looked all over, but I could not find him.d I saw a black something struggling above its surface. Then it rose higher and it was the trunk of my elephant. I thought Kari was drowning.
  • I saw his back rise above the water and the moment he caught my eye, he began to trumpet and struggle up to the shore. Then, still trumpeting,he pushed me into the water and, as I fell into the stream, I saw a boy lying flat on the bottom of the river