WE LOve Video

Updated: 5/19/2020
WE LOve Video

Storyboard Text

  • WeLoveVideo, INC. needs to keep business contacts organized with a system that logs communications with contacts.
  • WeLoveideo, INC. 
  • We Love Video, INC. need a way to keep track of all business contacts and communications!
  • A Customer Relationship Management system to keep track of contacts, organizes them by type, and keeps of an active record of communications. Also allowing financial needs to be linked to customers
  • CRM
  • That's easy with Customer Relationship Management System to streamline customer's information and manage the $40 Million sales growth.
  • The ticketing system tracks communications with contacts and provides unique details of each communication.
  • Wow, this is exactly what the shareholders expected out of a system so easy and organized! Exactly what I needed!
  • CRM
  • Create and edit contacts, add contacts to existing business contacts, categorize by type and/or role, track communications with contacts via Ticketing System!
  • CRM system empower users to create their own real-time reports to see the data behind the numbers and get instant results to lead stakeholders in their critical business questions.
  • Accounting need the ability to create reports of sales growth. Sales range from $100,000 to $40 Million in the past 5 years. We Also need to be able to continue to work with our Adpative Insights application for Finanace?
  • Intregrate SystemsReports
  • The CRM can pull the desired data from the database and organize it into a custom or predefined report. The CRM's easy-to-use interface allows her to filter, format, query, and export the data in a variety of ways fit for her report.
  • CRM
  • That's easy! I can pull relevant data from the database and organize that data into a report with a variety of formats!
  • The speed of the implementation will be critical, as WeLoveVideo, Inc. rapid growth requires a reliable system to meet their growing needs.
  • CRM