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Updated: 4/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hey, Anna! What did you learn in school today that you find most interesting?
  • Hi, Mom! We talked about the second vatican council! I found it very interesting.
  • Oh how interesting! What is it about darling?
  • The Church decided to create the Second Vatican Council because the world was facing tremendous issues/crisis’ that were affecting political, social and religious aspects. They realized that it was time to take action and start improving the Church's practices to be able to adapt to the modern world.
  • The Roman Catholic church now believes, sincerely, in human rights, in democracy, in freedom of religion, ETC.
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  • Wow! Tell me more.
  • Aside from the language, the council allowed more music and art. They changed some practices when it comes to the Eucharist and other sacraments as well!
  • The 3 contributions given by the council are 1. The Liturgy of the Church2. The relationship of the Catholic Church with other Religions3. The Church's role in the modern world.
  • 1. For the Liturgy of the Church, the council decided to add english as their way of speaking instead of Latin so that other people can understand the Bible and participate more!
  • Did they talk about the other races/religions as well?
  • Acts of Antisemitism or discrimination against other religions were not tolerated. The relationship of the Church with other religions became stronger than ever
  • Yes they did! A document called "Nostra Aetate" is relevant in this contribution, for it talks about the reconciliation of the Church with different religions! In order for us to be christ-like, we must treat others with love and respect!
  • How is the Church in the modern world?
  • The Church started to adapt to the modern world and applied/connected the Chruch's teachings/practices to it. They were able to get a hand of what it is like in the present day and became more aware of what has been happening.
  • They became more open and everyone was welcome in the no matter what religion, race, gender, etc.!
  • Who were the Church leaders behind this council?
  • The Second Vatican Council really focused on adapting to modern day practices, being open to different religions, races, genders, etc., as well as tweaked some practices for others to understand the Church better. They wanted to have a bond with other religions and make everyone welcome in God's sanctuary. This was their way of fulfilling God's mission for all of us.
  • The Popes who led this Council were Pope St. John XXIII and Pope St. Paul VI.
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