Decision Making

Decision Making
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Storyboard Description

Making decisions - outcome of negative decisions and positive decisions

Storyboard Text

  • Tyler! Do you want to drink before the game tonight?
  • Cool man, maybe next time.
  • I can't. I'm supposed to go with my parents. I'll meet up with you when the game starts.
  • Where is Jared?
  • You didn't hear? The principal saw them drinking in the parking lot.
  • Tyler! Do you want to drink before the game tonight?
  • Just tell them your coming with me and my older brother. We'll drink in the parking lot before we go in.
  • Yeah! I'm supposed to go to the game with my parents though.
  • Oh no! The principal is walking over here!
  • Boys, your parents are on their way here now. 
  • Good idea. I'll text my mom now. 
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