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Storyboard #2 -PJ
Updated: 8/25/2020
Storyboard #2 -PJ
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  • Scene: Inside Car
  • Scene: City Hall Front Door (Wide to Mid)
  • Location: Front Door (Mid)
  • Woman driving car. Purse & ballot in passenger seat. Friend calls.F: " Where you at? Somebody son bouta lose somethin he keep playin with me."W: "Girl sit down, lemme shoot this move den ima be over der"F:"If he yell 'dub season' or 'get bodied' one more time ima break his game."W: (Laughs) See you soon.
  • Scene: Front Door (Close 2 Shoot)
  • Woman dropping off ballot
  • Scene: Front Door (Close 2 Shoot)
  • Woman starts leaving. Man walks upMan: " 'Scuse me. I'm mad late for somethin and I need to hit the ballot box. You know where it is?"Woman: "Yea it's posted by da door. Just flip down the lid.
  • Scene: Walkway To Street (Mids)
  • M: "Bet, I don't slide round here much so, thanks"W: "Me either, just for this and work."M: "You work here? That's dope."
  • W: "Not full-time, just a few Tues for elections."M: "They break yall off for that?"W: "Yeah, nothin crazy, but comes in clutch."
  • M: "Word, so you the plug?"W: "Maybe... I could tell you about it at dinner tomorrow...?M: (Smiles) "Sayless."
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