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  • Tennant used physics to explain his first argument. His argument explains the existence of human life as we know it.
  • Both of Tennants Anthropic and Aesthetic principle take into account the modern scientific theories such as the theory of evolution and the Big Bang. They have both been used as a criticism of the teleological argument and therefore explanations of these theories are explained. Tennant argues that the scientific theories were part of Gods design for the development of the intelligent being (humans ) 
  • Tennants Anthropic principle is based on a analogy from scientific research created by Martin Rees. Rees calculated the chance of the Big Bang which was 10 to the power 60-Rees concluded that the only reason we live in a stable universe is because of luck. Tennant declared a different conclusion. He argued that the chances of the Big Bang producing the right conditions is equal to a marksman hitting a one inch target from a distance of 20 billion light years away. He concluded that the creation of the universe must have been aided by an ordering power (God)/
  • Tennants aesthetic principle states that humans possess the ability to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings e.g. art, music. This is not a survival act. Tennant states- 'beauty seems to be a superfluous and has little survival value. therefore Tennant argues that this appreciation of beauty must have been designed in humanity from another source, other than evolution.
  • to conclude, Tennant put forward 2 modern teleological arguments; the Anthropic principle and the Aesthetic principle, both covering Design Qua regularity and Design Qua purpose. In addition, Tennants argument is physics rather than biology. Overall his argument states that the world is too complex for it to of happened by chance.
  • THE AESTHETIC PRINCIPLE humans appreciate their natural surroundings and it is important to us we also seek to beautify, cultivate and create- evolution does not cover. the way our world is can point to a loving God who wanted us to live in a stable world, but who wanted us to enjoy it.
  • THE ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE. Includes the idea that the universe was not the purpose we were the purpose. Essentially this principle argues that since any explanation of the origin of the universe has to be compatible with human life it contains, the best explanation is that the universe was put together/ finely tuned with this human life.
  • to summarise the two principles, The Anthropic and Aesthetic.
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