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Unknown Story
Updated: 12/6/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Of course I do, I will teach you about them.
  • The waves are beautiful I always wondered how they were made, do you know how?
  • Waves can be anything really like micro waves or radio waves you know? the technology like your phone and when you put food in the microwave it transmits energy which is basic.
  • So what you are saying is that waves are something in everyday life?
  • Yes! also these waves are very special and different the basic wave that we are all familiar with is the ocean wave did you know that there are words like crest, trough, and wavelengths?
  • Wow, aren't they the specific points of how a wave forms?
  • I think that some waves have amplitude and some don't like when you throw a rock in the water it moves because of friction.
  • There are really dangerous waves to like gamma, or x-ray
  • So guys longer waves are lower frequency, but shorter waves have higher frequency.
  • Don't mention it next you need to know something let me know.
  • Waves come together so they are in phase with each other and sometimes a crest will interfere with a trough to lessen or cancel the displacement of each wave
  • Waves can interfere with each other and a crest can interfere to create a larger crest which means higher waves.
  • Wow! thank you for all this information.
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