Updated: 6/10/2020
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  • In the Afternoon
  • OMG!!!! There is a dead body inside
  • Is this the Forensics team? A Murder has happened in Greendale, please come as soon as possible
  • Police Sirens Nearby....
  • Take photos and Collect the footprints, knife,glass shatter and the hair strand and secure it for further forensic procedures.
  • Use luminol to identify these bloody latent footprints.
  • Please don't take photos!!! and Please don't push
  • When Forensics arrived....
  • Let's ask the neighbours if they saw or heard anything.
  • Later at the Forensics Lab: Hair analysis
  • I found a hair of strand at the crime scene. Can it be used to identify the culprit?
  • Of course!!! We can determine a person's height, age, race, gender, DNA etc. through just a strand of hair.
  • We found the murder weapon and secured footprints through luminol. What is their use?
  • The murder weapon is a physical evidence and can be used to find the DNA of the culprit and their fingerprints. The footprints can tell us their shoe size, height and weight.
  • Glass Analysis
  • Of course it isn't... For example, when a burglar breaks a window , small fragments of glass are often showered onto their hair, clothing, or shoes, and these fragments can later be found on the suspect as transfer evidence. and it can also contain hair fibers.
  • Hey !?! Why are you throwing glass shatters away ??
  • Ummm... because it is useless in identifying the culprit....
  • Oh ok.....
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