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Updated: 8/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 7: Have knowledge of ID Hazards
  • There is a diamond symbol that has four parts, there is a blue part which is for health hazards, there will be a number in it from 0 which is normal material to 4 deadly. There is a red which is for fire hazard and it will have a number from 0 being will not burn to 4 to below 73 Degrees Fahrenheit. Next there is yellow which is for reactivity, it has numbers from 0 which is stable to 4 which is may detonate. Last but not least is white which is specific hazard and has different hazards, Acid, Alkali, Corrosive, Oxidizer, Radioactive and Use no water.
  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 8: Always be attentive
  • Hmm...Makes sense
  • Make sure to be attentive and don't leave things on the counter, or out in the open where anyone can get it.
  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 9: Handle Glass Wear carefully
  • OH NO! I broke some glass doing the lab!
  • You have to be careful when dealing with glass, don't try to clean with your hands, youse a broom.
  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 10: Be sure to clean up everything properly
  • Ok!
  • Make sure to get all the small pieces and clean up properly then wash our hands so no harmful chemicals will be on them.
  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 11: Make sure NOT to just pour finished projects in the sink
  • Ok!
  • Don't pour your finished experiments into the sink because the chemicals might react together and create a disaster
  • Unit 1: Lab SafetyLesson 12: Make sure to only use equipment for it is made for not other things
  • Here is a tip, Remember only use lab equipment for its purpose don't use it for other uses or else bad things may happen.
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