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Castle in the Attic Chapter 3
Updated: 5/21/2020
Castle in the Attic Chapter 3
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  • Come on, Bear, let's go upstairs and get that knight out of his box.
  • All right, your lordship, I have come to meet you.
  • He couldn't really be alive. I must have imagined it. Come on, I'm not going to be scared by a lead knight that's two inches high.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 3, William lays in bed and pretends to sleep until his house is quiet. Then, he quietly gets out of bed with his bear and his flashlight, and creeps down the hall to the attic door. He wants to see the Silver Knight.
  • What have you done with Alastor?Are you a friend or foe? I am not frightened by your size, my good sir, and I will fight you with every ounce of strength left in me, if that be your wish.
  • Who's Alastor?It might be easier to fight me standing up, my lord, although I don't doubt your strength or courage. Let me help you up. I am your friend and shall ever remain so, if you will allow it.
  • William leaves his flashlight at the bottom steps. He props Bear against an old trunk and kneels down. William opens the box and inside in a soft bed of crumpled tissue paper is the Silver Knight. He picks him up, but suddenly the Silver Knight moves!
  • I am Sir Simon of Hargrave, known in my own country as the Silver Knight. You must have broken Alastor's spell, but wait, where's the magic token? Where has it gone? I must find it.
  • I am glad to meet you. I am William Edward Lawrence. I'm sorry I dropped you. I thought you were made of lead. What does it look like?
  • William screams, drops the Silver Knight, grabs Bear, and pounds down the attic stairs. He stops at the attic door and thinks. He marches back up the attic stairs and peers over the castle.
  • Too bad you slept through all that , Bear. It would have been nice if someone else had seen it happen. Then, I'd sure it wasn't just a dream.
  • William sees the Silver Knight lying on the ground where he dropped him. He pushes the knight with his finger and the knights arm falls across his chest. He realizes the Silver Knight is alive! Then, he watches the knight sit up and take off his metal helmet. The Silver Knight begins to talk to him.
  • William helps the knight stand up. He tells the knight that Mrs. Phillips gave him the castle and that she played with the knight when she was small. William tells the knight that he never came alive for Mrs. Phillips. The knight tells William he has broken Alastor's spell. The both look for the magic token.
  • William finds the magic token. The token has two sides. On one side is a man's head. The knight takes the token and places it a pouch on his belt. The knight tells William that he doesn't know why he broke the spell, but he will find out. The knight then goes to bed. William goes back to his room.
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