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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/25/2019
Unknown Story
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  • A long time ago giants walked the earth among the humans. there was just one problem, GIANTS. the gods feared the giants would kill all the humans and end humanity. the humans feared the giants as well.
  • ¨here they come"the people screamed with fear. the chief said to his people.
  • ¨we must pray to the gods for protection¨
  • Years later, another wave of giants was heading to the village. The villagers saw the 15 meters tall giants making their way to the village. one villager said.
  • ¨quickly go inform the chief¨.
  • Minutes later the chief called for his people and said.
  • My people, the time has come, we must pray to the gods. ¨ ¨i hope¨
  • will this work?
  • and the praying began.
  • The gods heard the peoples prayers. In a matter of seconds the gods came up with a plan . The head god said.
  • ¨its time we put and end to this, I will strike them with lightning and turn their body into big beautiful mountains.
  • ¨there is no other way to stop them so we approved your plan"
  • the giants were feet away from the village, when dark clouds fill the earths sky. there was lightning and thunder, and a massive lightning struck all giants that live on the earth. One by one the giants started falling to the ground, their bodies started turning into mountians. huge and beautiful mountians started appearing all around the earth.
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